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Affiliate Information World Chess Academy
State/ProvinceNorth Carolina
Website(no info)
Contact NameDan Thomasson
General Info(no info)
Affiliate ID38
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===================== C X R    R a t i n g s ====================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Dnhill Speed Quick Reg. not
4802-X Michael Baker P,A 0 1296 1296
4801-R Algie Clyburn R,A 0 1454 1454 1483 1483 1458 1483 1514 1467
4809-J Zowie Kelly R,A 0 930 930
4804-Y William Kratt R,A 0 1514 1514 1514
4805-C Fran Palmer P,A 0 1224 1224
4806-V Earl Stockburger P,A 0 1052 1052
4800-H Dan Thomasson R,A 0 1664 1664 1664 1649 1617 1593 1625 1654
4808-R Phillip Van Every P,A 0 1285 1285
4807-P Richard Whitmire R,A 0 1246 1246 1270 1250 1250 1245 1270 1246

Number of players displayed: 9.
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2nd letter is A=Adult, S=Scholastic.
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