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Affiliate Information Scarlet Chess Club
Contact NameZachariah Carlson
General InfoA friendly casual club in Jonesboro, Arkansas. We host occasional tournaments, and meet 3 days a week. Times and locations are on our website. We are associated with Arkansas State University.
Affiliate ID799
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Affiliate Roster
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===================== C X R    R a t i n g s ====================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Dnhill Speed Quick Reg. not
17344-H Anthony Adkins P,A 0 1219 1219 2018-03-03Renew
17450-H Steven Adkins P,S 0 1179 1179 expiredRenew
17438-X Steven Adkins P,A 0 1239 1239 expiredRenew
17447-R Luke Allen P,S 0 1241 1241 expiredRenew
17352-D James J Bricker P,S 0 750 750 2018-03-03Renew
17441-A Fred Buhrmester P,A 0 1156 1156 expiredRenew
17346-Y Albert Byles R,A 0 1246 1246 2018-03-03Renew
17343-G Zachariah R Carlson R,A 0 1436 1436 1436 1424 1403 1362 1362 14362018-03-03Renew
17445-N Pat Chitman P,A 0 1158 1158 expiredRenew
17448-C Harley Cullins P,S 0 1218 1218 expiredRenew
17435-P Dave Fair P,A 0 1284 1284 expiredRenew
17446-A Tanner Grayham P,S 0 1263 1263 expiredRenew
17345-R Greg Hansen P,A 0 1400 1400 2018-03-03Renew
17436-A Chandler Harris P,A 0 1240 1240 expiredRenew
17440-T Tom Haynes P,A 0 1202 1202 expiredRenew
17449-M Frade Jenkins P,S 0 1140 1140 expiredRenew
17443-P Mysterious Karthik P,A 0 1183 1183 expiredRenew
17442-N Gary Latanich P,A 0 1139 1139 expiredRenew
17439-N Harvey Lee P,A 0 1200 1200 expiredRenew
17437-V Bryan Miller P,A 0 1220 1220 expiredRenew
===================== C X R    R a t i n g s ====================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Dnhill Speed Quick Reg. not
17451-N Thang Nguyen P,S 0 1161 1161 expiredRenew
17452-W Mysterious Poreah P,S 0 1179 1179 expiredRenew
17444-G Amadeep Singhkaur P,A 0 1179 1179 expiredRenew
12422-Y Famous C Taylor R,A 0 1281 1281 1409 1329 1352 1393 1372 1356 12812018-03-03Renew

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