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Affiliate Information The Kansas City Chess Club
Contact NameKenneth Fee
General Info
Affiliate ID716
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========================== C X R    R a t i n g s ========================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Downhill Speed Quick Regulation
untimed Seasonal Member
17277-K Waylen Miller R,S 3 912 979 912 1328Extend
17030-E Andersen Howard R,S 6 879 887 886 730 787 755 761 739 1277Extend
17238-G Michael Jorski P,S0 542 581 1265Extend
18254-T Justin Du P,S0 270 291 1256TournamentUpgrade
17053-B Emmerson Taylor R,S 6 889 895 889 703 719 647 651 749 1244Extend
18300-Y Atticus Carlson P,S0 464 539 1242TournamentUpgrade
18288-P Alex Mcbride P,S0 364 414 1241TournamentUpgrade
18390-B Anson Wang P,S0 869 745 1234Extend
18385-G James Laubscher P,S0 719 671 1220Extend
18397-F Grant Dolak P,S0 253 277 1202TournamentUpgrade
16770-B Nora Gedney P,S0 347 368 1200Extend
18274-M Aurora Walz P,S0 237 264 1179TournamentUpgrade
18264-T Dylan Castor P,S0 181 196 1163TournamentUpgrade
18448-Q Aden Patt-Rappaport P,S0 502 530 1159TournamentUpgrade
18417-C Reid Haubenreich P,S0 137 184 1158TournamentUpgrade
18423-P Dain Lee P,S0 150 189 1158TournamentUpgrade
18325-Q Skalav Halili P,S0 492 545 1152TournamentUpgrade
18324-V Cody Castor P,S0 370 382 1108TournamentUpgrade
18280-H Jackson Mcdonald P,S0 175 162 1103TournamentUpgrade
18618-A Solomon Abelson P,S0 150 145 TournamentUpgrade
========================== C X R    R a t i n g s ========================
Player ID Name Status Title
Official Unofficial Peak White Black Uphill Downhill Speed Quick Regulation
untimed Seasonal Member
18622-E Hudson Boyle P,S0 450 445 TournamentUpgrade
18619-E Romy Boyle P,S0 225 166 TournamentUpgrade
18623-T Tag Fowl P,S0 400 355 TournamentUpgrade
18624-P Zach Gedman P,S0 550 488 TournamentUpgrade
18613-T Benton Gillette P,S0 275 283 TournamentUpgrade
18616-B Isaiah Hutchings P,S0 225 204 Extend
18612-J Olivia Hutchings P,S0 475 502 Extend
18617-G Elizabeth Jiang P,S0 225 213 TournamentUpgrade
18615-B Leo Kane P,S0 425 405 TournamentUpgrade
18620-N Braydon Mitchell P,S0 700 663 TournamentUpgrade
18614-B Vaishnav Nair P,S0 225 211 TournamentUpgrade
18611-Y Henry Pfeifauf P,S0 500 564 TournamentUpgrade
18621-C Jimmy Welch P,S0 600 594 TournamentUpgrade

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