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Game History for T Bridges
Player ID: 12514-C, Ellenboro Tigers Chess Club, Ellenboro, NC, USA
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Player's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    91325     LOST 850/P     823/P   WHITE A.Hollifield 11877-F 641/P 01/19/10 none    
    91336     LOST 823/P     805/P   WHITE J.Crawley 12508-Y 849/P 01/19/10 none    
    91338     WON 805/P     834/P   WHITE J.Crawley 12508-Y 874/P 01/19/10 none    
    92752     WON 834/P     903/P   BLACK C.Smith 11871-W 752 01/26/10 none    
    92824     LOST 903/P     876/P   WHITE D.Snyder 12526-G 703/P 02/09/10 none    
    92829     WON 876/P     899/P   WHITE A.Davis 12511-P 800/P 02/09/10 none    
    92831     LOST 899/P     882/P   WHITE J.Crawley 12508-Y 958/P 02/09/10 none    
    93303     WON 882/P     900/P   WHITE A.Hollifield 11877-F 687/P 02/16/10 none    
    93410     LOST 900/P     874/P   WHITE K.Oaks 12509-J 723/P 02/23/10 none    
    93413     LOST 874/P     864/P   BLACK J.Crawley 12508-Y 1101/P 02/23/10 none    
    93999     WON 864/P     891/P   BLACK D.Litaker 12517-B 888/P 03/09/10 none    
    94007     WON 891/P     914/P   BLACK C.Stewart 12522-Y 817/P 03/09/10 none    
    94008     DRAWN 914/P     911/P   BLACK C.Stewart 12522-Y 801/P 03/09/10 none    
    94021     LOST 911/P     875/P   WHITE J.Crawley 12508-Y 1122 03/16/10 none    
    94032     DRAWN 875     876   WHITE L.Price 12516-C 813/P 03/16/10 none    
    94710     LOST 876     872   BLACK Z.Barnes 12513-X 920/P 03/23/10 none    
    94815     DRAWN 872     883   WHITE J.Crawley 12508-Y 1099 04/13/10 none    
    94840     DRAWN 883     893   WHITE J.Crawley 12508-Y 1090 04/20/10 none    
    96902     WON 893     920   BLACK G.Bennett 11878-C 907 05/04/10 none    
    96905     WON 920     942   BLACK C.Mcneely 12525-R 831 05/04/10 none    
    97282     DRAWN 942     939   WHITE C.Mcneely 12525-R 816 05/11/10 none    
(21 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
38.46 % 68.75 % 50 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: -4.76
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: +18.87
Average Rating Change Overall: +4.238
Doctor Kibbitz says:
T Bridges has been much more successful as Black. He is giving up too many points to weaker players when playing white.   Greater success with Black implies the potential for improvement with White. Concentrate on finding stronger opening moves. High draw percentage suggests aversion to risk-taking. T Bridges has faced opponents with an average rating of 866.2. He should seek stronger opponents in order to improve. He has improved by 134 points since 2010-01-19. T Bridges has an unbeaten streak of 5 games."
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player T Bridges as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player T Bridges as Black Player

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