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Game History for Grant Kuraoka
Player ID: 5009-C, Hawaii Roaming Knights, Honolulu, HI, USA
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Grant's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    43502     WON 1200     1221   WHITE A.Ashkenazi 5022-N 1200 11/23/04 g/15    
    43599     LOST 1221     1200   BLACK S.Ikehara 5006-T 1221 11/30/04 g/15    
    43607     LOST 1200     1180   WHITE A.Mauricio 5012-E 1219 12/07/04 g/15    
    43696     LOST 1180/P     1159/P   BLACK T.Kenney 5007-Q 1182/P 01/04/05 none    
    44619     WON 1159/P     1180/P   WHITE N.Gulledge 5005-G 1154/P 02/01/05 none    
    44624     DRAWN 1180/P     1180/P   WHITE A.Mauricio 5012-E 1171/P 02/01/05 none    
    45858     WON 1180/P     1198/P   WHITE A.Lee 5016-P 1114/P 03/29/05 none    
    45924     LOST 1198/P     1177/P   BLACK T.Kenney 5007-Q 1203/P 04/05/05 none    
    46095     WON 1177/P     1195/P   WHITE N.Gulledge 5005-G 1101/P 04/12/05 none    
    46096     WON 1195/P     1212/P   BLACK N.Gulledge 5005-G 1083/P 04/12/05 none    
    46143     WON 1212/P     1227/P   WHITE A.Bright 5002-M 1051/P 04/19/05 none    
    46144     WON 1227/P     1240/P   BLACK A.Bright 5002-M 1036/P 04/19/05 none    
    46476     WON 1240/P     1293/P   WHITE A.Ashkenazi 5022-N 1105 04/26/05 none    
    46528     LOST 1293/P     1271/P   BLACK Z.Smith 5017-F 1260/P 05/03/05 none    
    46672     LOST 1271/P     1107/P   BLACK C.Watanabe 5015-D 852 05/10/05 none    
    46674     WON 1107/P     1138/P   WHITE C.Watanabe 5015-D 862 05/10/05 none    
    46680     LOST 1138/P     1002/P   BLACK C.Watanabe 5015-D 858 05/10/05 none    
    48428     WON 1002/P     1018/P   BLACK N.Donnelly 5025-F 874/P 11/01/05 g/10    
    48590     DRAWN 1018/P     1045/P   WHITE A.Ashkenazi 5022-N 1152 11/08/05 g/15    
    49621     WON 1045     1049   WHITE A.Thurman 5038-T 835/P 12/06/05 g/10    
    52652     WON 1049     1052   WHITE C.Gilson 5027-Y 781/P 01/31/06 g/10    
    52813     LOST 1052     1026   BLACK N.Donnelly 5025-F 917 02/07/06 g/10    
(22 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
83.33 % 30 % 59.09 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: +15.91
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: -36.5
Average Rating Change Overall: -7.90
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Grant Kuraoka has been much more successful as White. Greater success with White implies the potential for improvement with Black. Concentrate on opening moves for defense. When playing Black, He should try to convert unfavorable positions into draws where possible. "
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Grant Kuraoka as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Grant Kuraoka as Black Player

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