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Game History for David Witdorchic
Player ID: 6761-E, Hunter College Elementary School, White Plains, NY, USA
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David's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    59435     LOST 400/P     383/P   BLACK J.Keel-Atkins 6769-Q 450/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    59446     LOST 383/P     364/P   WHITE S.Everett 6772-K 383/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    59456     WON 364/P     392/P   BLACK A.Fox 6765-X 414/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    59461     DRAWN 392/P     394/P   BLACK S.Brochin 6756-R 390/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    60189     LOST 394/P     367/P   WHITE D.Knopf 6758-M 204/P 11/12/06 g/30   194  
    60205     DRAWN 367/P     368/P   BLACK S.Everett 6772-K 349/P 11/12/06 g/30   194  
    60221     DRAWN 368/P     369/P   BLACK M.Horn 6768-K 353/P 11/12/06 g/30   194  
    60238     LOST 369/P     353/P   WHITE T.Kim 6851-M 437/P 11/12/06 g/30   194  
    60914     WON 353/P     383/P   WHITE E.Seitz 7005-A 450/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    60929     LOST 383/P     368/P   BLACK J.Weinstein 6853-K 479/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    60938     WON 368/P     397/P   WHITE A.Fox 6765-X 438/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    60961     WON 397/P     426/P   BLACK Z.Mavrides 7003-V 482/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    63603     WON 426/P     520/P   WHITE A.Fox 6765-X 473 03/04/07 none   223  
    63611     LOST 520/P     503/P   BLACK T.Kim 6851-M 563/P 03/04/07 none   223  
    63628     WON 503/P     527/P   BLACK W.Koffler 7175-A 464/P 03/04/07 none   223  
    63638     WON 527/P     608/P   WHITE S.Liftin 6763-X 505 03/04/07 none   223  
    65225     LOST 608     603   WHITE J.Tetzeli 6848-B 537/P 04/22/07 none   236  
    65245     WON 603     612   BLACK I.Zwick-Schachter 7232-D 434/P 04/22/07 none   236  
    65263     WON 612     621   WHITE G.Alford 7230-W 451/P 04/22/07 none   236  
    65284     LOST 621     615   BLACK T.Knoff 7118-D 393/P 04/22/07 none   236  
(20 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
55.55 % 50 % 52.5 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: +19.55
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: +3.545
Average Rating Change Overall: +10.75
Doctor Kibbitz says:
David Witdorchic is playing very well. Rating seems to be seeking a higher level. Greater success with White implies the potential for improvement with Black. Concentrate on opening moves for defense. David has faced opponents with an average rating of 432.4. David should seek opponents of equal or greater strength in order to improve. David Witdorchic has improved by 262 points since 2006-11-12. "
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player David Witdorchic as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player David Witdorchic as Black Player

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