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Game History for Jackson Keel-Atkins
Player ID: 6769-Q, Hunter College Elementary School, White Plains, NY, USA
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Jackson's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    59435     WON 450/P     474/P   WHITE D.Witdorchic 6761-E 400/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    59448     WON 474/P     500/P   BLACK S.Liftin 6763-X 474/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    59458     WON 500/P     526/P   WHITE R.Green 6767-G 492/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    59470     LOST 526/P     512/P   BLACK A.Justicz 6770-D 642/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    60191     LOST 512/P     491/P   BLACK A.Levin 6844-B 450/P 11/12/06 g/30   194  
    60212     WON 491/P     515/P   WHITE S.Liftin 6763-X 436/P 11/12/06 g/30   194  
    60223     LOST 515/P     493/P   BLACK P.Gardner 6852-T 443/P 11/12/06 g/30   194  
    60235     WON 493/P     515/P   WHITE R.Markowitz 6849-R 400/P 11/12/06 g/30   194  
    60906     LOST 515/P     493/P   WHITE D.Karasu 7001-A 450/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    60922     LOST 493/P     471/P   BLACK Z.Mavrides 7003-V 429/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    60937     WON 471/P     494/P   WHITE M.Chitale 6998-K 398/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    60955     LOST 494/P     473/P   BLACK S.Liftin 6763-X 452/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    61289     WON 473/P     498/P   WHITE M.Aksen 7048-P 450/P 01/07/07 g/45   203  
    61302     WON 498/P     514/P   WHITE V.Hull 6759-M 240/P 01/07/07 g/45   203  
    61318     LOST 514/P     494/P   BLACK S.Moon 7039-J 501/P 01/07/07 g/45   203  
    61341     WON 494/P     520/P   WHITE S.Rudin 7046-G 482/P 01/07/07 g/45   203  
    62707     WON 520/P     543/P   BLACK Y.Waghani 7103-X 450/P 02/11/07 g/45   213 Hunter College Elementary School Tournament  
    62726     LOST 543/P     522/P   BLACK S.Rudin 7046-G 486/P 02/11/07 g/45   213 Hunter College Elementary School Tournament  
    62742     WON 522/P     543/P   WHITE M.Ng 7045-X 396/P 02/11/07 g/45   213 Hunter College Elementary School Tournament  
    62776     LOST 543/P     522/P   WHITE G.Basso 7108-N 497/P 02/11/07 g/45   213 Hunter College Elementary School Tournament  
    63600     WON 522/P     545/P   BLACK C.Jacobus 7173-N 450/P 03/04/07 none   223  
    63610     LOST 545/P     523/P   WHITE S.Liftin 6763-X 478/P 03/04/07 none   223  
    63626     WON 523     532   BLACK R.Markowitz 6849-R 278/P 03/04/07 none   223  
    63635     DRAWN 532     534   WHITE B.Fludzinski 7172-G 542/P 03/04/07 none   223  
    65298     WON 534     544   BLACK A.Kothari 7236-A 450/P 04/22/07 none   236  
    65314     WON 544     563   WHITE L.Johansson 6787-T 361 04/22/07 none   236  
    65315     WON 563     571   WHITE J.Yung 7235-T 262/P 04/22/07 none   236  
    65332     WON 571     582   BLACK L.Fetterman 7242-E 585/P 04/22/07 none   236  
(28 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
76.66 % 46.15 % 62.5 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: +11.4
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: -3
Average Rating Change Overall: +4.714
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Jackson Keel-Atkins has been much more successful as White. Greater success with White implies the potential for improvement with Black. Concentrate on opening moves for defense. When playing Black, Jackson Keel-Atkins should try to convert unfavorable positions into draws where possible. Jackson has faced opponents with an average rating of 441.9. Jackson should seek stronger opponents in order to improve. Jackson Keel-Atkins has improved by 111 points since 2006-12-03. Jackson Keel-Atkins has an unbeaten streak of 6 games."
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Jackson Keel-Atkins as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Jackson Keel-Atkins as Black Player

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