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Game History for William Song
Player ID: 6792-G, Hunter College Elementary School, White Plains, NY, USA
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William's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    59477     WON 500/P     518/P   WHITE S.Schein 6781-C 288/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    59489     LOST 518/P     499/P   BLACK M.Brill 6783-T 526/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    59501     DRAWN 499/P     501/P   WHITE J.Slager 6785-Y 509/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    59504     WON 501/P     532/P   BLACK J.Fishman 6774-R 616/P 10/22/06 g/45   185  
    60872     WON 532/P     559/P   WHITE N.Deleted 6989-A 550/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    60880     WON 559/P     584/P   BLACK S.Liberman 6859-R 540/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    60888     LOST 584/P     567/P   WHITE G.Kaynor 6864-C 644/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    60891     LOST 567/P     550/P   WHITE J.Fishman 6774-R 615/P 12/03/06 g/30   195  
    61353     LOST 550/P     534/P   WHITE R.Fishman 7050-H 623/P 01/07/07 g/45   203  
    61363     WON 534/P     559/P   BLACK E.Schondorf 6856-P 509/P 01/07/07 g/45   203  
    61369     LOST 559/P     540/P   WHITE S.Liberman 6859-R 569/P 01/07/07 g/45   203  
    61375     WON 540/P     559/P   BLACK L.Johansson 6787-T 368/P 01/07/07 g/45   203  
    63652     WON 559/P     583/P   BLACK M.Sando 7178-R 500/P 03/04/07 none   223  
    63654     WON 583/P     609/P   WHITE J.Steigelfest 6795-P 589/P 03/04/07 none   223  
    63663     WON 609/P     631/P   BLACK E.Schondorf 6856-P 519/P 03/04/07 none   223  
    63667     LOST 631/P     615/P   BLACK J.Fishman 6774-R 701/P 03/04/07 none   223  
    65303     LOST 615     610   WHITE M.Abramovitz 7238-Q 500/P 04/22/07 none   236  
    65313     WON 610     620   WHITE A.Leigh 7239-K 529/P 04/22/07 none   236  
    65318     WON 620     631   BLACK S.Patel 7126-D 585/P 04/22/07 none   236  
    65331     WON 631     641   BLACK S.Burnham 7240-C 532/P 04/22/07 none   236  
(20 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
45 % 80 % 62.5 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: +0.9
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: +13.2
Average Rating Change Overall: +7.05
Doctor Kibbitz says:
William Song has been much more successful as Black. Greater success with Black implies the potential for improvement with White. Concentrate on finding stronger opening moves. William has faced opponents with an average rating of 540.6. William should seek stronger opponents in order to improve. William Song has improved by 142 points since 2006-10-22. "
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player William Song as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player William Song as Black Player

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