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Game History for Francis Caudell
Player ID: 81451-D, Hemet Chess Club, Hemet, CA, USA
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Francis's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    47190     DRAWN 1500/P     1505/P   BLACK K.Smith 81456-Y 1616/P 07/14/05 none    
    47189     LOST 1505/P     1488/P   WHITE K.Smith 81456-Y 1611/P 07/14/05 none    
    47217     LOST 1488/P     1471/P   WHITE K.Smith 81456-Y 1598/P 07/21/05 none    
    47261     LOST 1471/P     1456/P   BLACK K.Smith 81456-Y 1633/P 08/04/05 none    
    47260     LOST 1456/P     1443/P   WHITE K.Smith 81456-Y 1648/P 08/04/05 none    
    47579     LOST 1443/P     1431/P   WHITE R.Milo 81452-Q 1657/P 09/08/05 g/20   opening-king pawn, unknown  
    47584     WON 1431/P     1454/P   BLACK G.Scott 81461-A 1493/P 09/08/05 g/20    
    47587     LOST 1454/P     1441/P   WHITE A.Thomas 81450-H 1662/P 09/08/05 g/20    
    47897     LOST 1441/P     1437/P   BLACK M.Stroukal 81453-F 1860/P 09/29/05 g/15    
    47910     WON 1437/P     1455/P   BLACK S.Gelinas 81466-D 1361/P 09/29/05 g/15    
    47902     LOST 1455/P     1442/P   WHITE A.Thomas 81450-H 1659/P 09/29/05 g/15    
    48261     LOST 1442/P     1425/P   BLACK M.Montes 81457-T 1543/P 10/22/05 g/30    
    48267     WON 1425/P     1448/P   WHITE B.Klippel 81465-E 1467/P 10/22/05 g/30    
    48270     LOST 1448/P     1426/P   BLACK P.Hinrichs 81462-M 1425/P 10/22/05 g/30    
    49778     LOST 1426/P     1401/P   WHITE L.Starr 81458-A 1330/P 12/08/05 g/30    
    49781     WON 1401/P     1419/P   WHITE D.Barrera 81470-P 1332/P 12/08/05 g/30    
    49784     WON 1419/P     1440/P   BLACK B.Klippel 81465-E 1429/P 12/08/05 g/30    
    50492     LOST 1440/P     1426/P   WHITE M.Agnos 81467-A 1610/P 01/12/06 g/15    
    50501     LOST 1426/P     1399/P   BLACK J.Starr 81472-E 1286/P 01/12/06 g/15    
    50504     LOST 1399/P     1386/P   BLACK K.Smith 81456-Y 1610/P 01/12/06 g/15    
    52988     WON 1386/P     1416/P   WHITE M.Montes 81457-T 1615/P 02/09/06 none    
    52990     LOST 1416/P     1407/P   BLACK J.Wilkinson 81463-K 1770 02/09/06 none    
    52997     LOST 1407     1388   BLACK P.Hinrichs 81462-M 1468 02/09/06 none    
    54119     WON 1388     1420   BLACK A.Thomas 81450-H 1662 03/09/06 none    
    54125     LOST 1420     1416   BLACK K.Smith 81456-Y 1634/P 03/09/06 none    
    55269     WON 1416     1443   WHITE P.Johnson 81460-A 1556 04/21/06 none    
    55273     LOST 1443     1430   WHITE A.Thomas 81450-H 1648 04/21/06 none    
    56701     LOST 1430     1414   WHITE M.Montes 81457-T 1559 06/10/06 none    
    56706     WON 1414     1439   BLACK P.Johnson 81460-A 1512 06/10/06 none    
(29 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
28.57 % 36.66 % 32.75 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: -3.92
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: -0.4
Average Rating Change in 2 ENDGAMES (>47 moves): -6
Average Rating Change Overall: -2.10
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Francis Caudell has played reasonably well considering the strength of some opponents. When playing White, He should try to convert unfavorable positions into draws where possible. "
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Francis Caudell as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Francis Caudell as Black Player

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