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Game History for Kasandra Smith
Player ID: 81456-Y, Hemet Chess Club, Hemet, CA, USA
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Kasandra's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    46999     LOST 1650/P     1636/P   WHITE M.Stroukal 81453-F 1815/P 06/02/05 none    
    47081     DRAWN 1636/P     1624/P   WHITE L.Starr 81458-A 1337/P 06/30/05 none    
    47151     WON 1624/P     1642/P   WHITE M.Montes 81457-T 1545/P 07/07/05 g/30    
    47187     LOST 1642/P     1628/P   WHITE M.Stroukal 81453-F 1829/P 07/14/05 none    
    47188     LOST 1628/P     1616/P   BLACK M.Stroukal 81453-F 1843/P 07/14/05 none    
    47190     DRAWN 1616/P     1611/P   WHITE F.Caudell 81451-D 1500/P 07/14/05 none    
    47189     WON 1611/P     1628/P   BLACK F.Caudell 81451-D 1505/P 07/14/05 none    
    47218     LOST 1628/P     1598/P   WHITE P.Johnson 81460-A 1400/P 07/21/05 none    
    47217     WON 1598/P     1615/P   BLACK F.Caudell 81451-D 1488/P 07/21/05 none    
    47259     WON 1615/P     1620/P   WHITE A.Vrablic 81464-M 1205/P 08/04/05 none    
    47262     WON 1620/P     1633/P   BLACK P.Johnson 81460-A 1430/P 08/04/05 none    
    47261     WON 1633/P     1648/P   WHITE F.Caudell 81451-D 1471/P 08/04/05 none    
    47260     WON 1648/P     1661/P   BLACK F.Caudell 81451-D 1456/P 08/04/05 none    
    49775     WON 1661/P     1673/P   BLACK P.Hinrichs 81462-M 1425/P 12/08/05 g/30    
    49779     LOST 1673/P     1639/P   WHITE L.Starr 81458-A 1355/P 12/08/05 g/30    
    49783     WON 1639/P     1658/P   BLACK M.Montes 81457-T 1587/P 12/08/05 g/30    
    50491     LOST 1658/P     1627/P   WHITE G.Scott 81461-A 1414/P 01/12/06 g/15    
    50497     LOST 1627/P     1610/P   BLACK J.Wilkinson 81463-K 1731/P 01/12/06 g/15    
    50504     WON 1610/P     1623/P   WHITE F.Caudell 81451-D 1399/P 01/12/06 g/15    
    54120     WON 1623/P     1634/P   BLACK B.Klippel 81465-E 1384/P 03/09/06 none    
    54125     WON 1634/P     1671/P   WHITE F.Caudell 81451-D 1420 03/09/06 none    
    55274     WON 1671/P     1707/P   BLACK G.Scott 81461-A 1453 04/21/06 none    
    56530     WON 1707     1723   BLACK M.Montes 81457-T 1575 05/25/06 none    
    56699     WON 1723     1736   BLACK J.Cheney 81468-F 1517 06/10/06 none    
    56703     DRAWN 1736     1739   WHITE M.Stroukal 81453-F 1819 06/10/06 none    
    56919     WON 1739     1751   BLACK B.Klippel 81465-E 1514 07/06/06 none    
    62318     LOST 1751     1726   BLACK A.Thomas 81450-H 1654 01/26/07 g/30   210  
    62325     WON 1726     1739   WHITE J.Cheney 81468-F 1519 01/26/07 g/30   210  
(28 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
53.57 % 78.57 % 66.07 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: -2.57
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: +8.928
Average Rating Change in 2 ENDGAMES (>47 moves): +6
Average Rating Change Overall: +3.178
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Kasandra Smith has been much more successful as Black. Greater success with Black implies the potential for improvement with White. Concentrate on finding stronger opening moves. Kasandra has faced opponents with an average rating of 1521.0. She should seek opponents of equal or greater strength in order to improve. She has improved by 141 points since 2005-07-21. "
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Kasandra Smith as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Kasandra Smith as Black Player

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