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Game History for Phill Johnson
Player ID: 81460-A, Hemet Chess Club, Hemet, CA, USA
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Phill's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    47218     WON 1400/P     1430/P   BLACK K.Smith 81456-Y 1628/P 07/21/05 none    
    47262     LOST 1430/P     1417/P   WHITE K.Smith 81456-Y 1620/P 08/04/05 none    
    47580     LOST 1417/P     1405/P   BLACK A.Thomas 81450-H 1642/P 09/08/05 g/20    
    47585     LOST 1405/P     1387/P   BLACK P.Hinrichs 81462-M 1473/P 09/08/05 g/20    
    47589     LOST 1387/P     1369/P   WHITE G.Scott 81461-A 1470/P 09/08/05 g/20    
    47900     WON 1369/P     1402/P   WHITE A.Thomas 81450-H 1675/P 09/29/05 g/15    
    47904     WON 1402/P     1428/P   BLACK J.Cheney 81468-F 1516/P 09/29/05 g/15    
    47899     LOST 1428/P     1425/P   BLACK M.Stroukal 81453-F 1873/P 09/29/05 g/15    
    48262     DRAWN 1425/P     1427/P   WHITE G.Scott 81461-A 1471/P 10/22/05 g/30    
    48266     DRAWN 1427/P     1436/P   BLACK A.Thomas 81450-H 1643/P 10/22/05 g/30    
    48269     LOST 1436/P     1419/P   BLACK M.Montes 81457-T 1538/P 10/22/05 g/30    
    49776     LOST 1419/P     1403/P   BLACK M.Montes 81457-T 1555/P 12/08/05 g/30    
    49782     LOST 1403/P     1382/P   WHITE P.Hinrichs 81462-M 1413/P 12/08/05 g/30    
    49786     WON 1382/P     1403/P   WHITE L.Starr 81458-A 1389/P 12/08/05 g/30    
    50494     DRAWN 1403/P     1417/P   WHITE J.Wilkinson 81463-K 1745/P 01/12/06 g/15    
    50502     LOST 1417/P     1401/P   BLACK P.Hinrichs 81462-M 1538/P 01/12/06 g/15    
    50503     LOST 1401/P     1399/P   WHITE M.Stroukal 81453-F 1876/P 01/12/06 g/15    
    52987     WON 1399/P     1530/P   BLACK A.Thomas 81450-H 1655 02/09/06 none    
    52993     WON 1530     1536   WHITE P.Hinrichs 81462-M 1552/P 02/09/06 none    
    52994     WON 1536     1566   WHITE J.Wilkinson 81463-K 1772 02/09/06 none    
    54121     LOST 1566     1558   WHITE L.Starr 81458-A 1359/P 03/09/06 none    
    54126     DRAWN 1558     1556   BLACK B.Klippel 81465-E 1373/P 03/09/06 none    
    55269     LOST 1556     1529   BLACK F.Caudell 81451-D 1416 04/21/06 none    
    55275     LOST 1529     1522   WHITE L.Starr 81458-A 1430/P 04/21/06 none    
    56698     LOST 1522     1512   BLACK M.Stroukal 81453-F 1809 06/10/06 none    
    56706     LOST 1512     1487   WHITE F.Caudell 81451-D 1414 06/10/06 none    
(26 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
38.46 % 30.76 % 34.61 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: +0.923
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: +5.769
Average Rating Change Overall: +3.346
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Phill Johnson has been playing reasonably well. With the white pieces, he plays very well against strong opponents. With the black pieces, he plays very well against strong opponents also. He has improved by 118 points since 2005-09-08. Phill Johnson has not had a win in 6 games."
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Phill Johnson as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Phill Johnson as Black Player

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