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"CXR "は、チェスのゲームでの個人的な進歩と成果を追跡します。 40以上の統計データとカラフルなグラフィックで、CXRは新しい洞察を提供し、 チェスを勉強したりプレイしたりするための高いレベルのインセンティブを提供します。


What is CXR? We are the most advanced provider of "sports stats" exclusively for Chess players. That means not just "ratings" but literally dozens of performance metrics, charts, graphs, plus recognition of your personal achievements. This is not your grandpa's rating service. No more paying $40 for a rating. Our arsenal of information is at your disposal. What does it cost? Players do not need to pay for membership. Just show up at any CXR-rated event and you will automatically get our ratings and stats and you can look up your information on our website. Want even more? For just $7 you can get 12 months of Premium Membership which has some extra perks and is ideal for those who prefer club matches rather than tournament play. So that's it. Players either pay NOTHING (play tournaments and Quads), or $7 (includes non-tournament games).

Tournament Directors:

Stop being a clerk and a tax-collector for your rating service, and, instead, save your time and money by letting CXR work for you.     Click on BENEFITS FOR TDs and watch our short video.

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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events
Event Name City State Start Date End Date Type
May Friday Night Free Cash Prize Tnmt. Kansas City MO 5/1/2020 5/29/2020 Tnmt.
2020 Chris Pace Open Kingston ON 4/27/2020 4/28/2020 Tnmt.
Statewide MN Chess Tnmt. Eden Prairie MN 4/25/2020 4/25/2020 Tnmt.
The Kansas City Club Championship Kansas City MO 4/25/2020 4/25/2020 Tnmt.
Owatonna Open Owatonna MN 4/18/2020 4/18/2020 Tnmt.
Southern Metro Chess Championship Lakeville MN 4/11/2020 4/11/2020 Tnmt.
April Friday Night Free Cash Prize Tnmt. Kansas City MO 4/3/2020 4/24/2020 Tnmt.
POSTPONED Osseo Open Tnmnt Maple Grove MN 3/21/2020 3/21/2020 Tnmt.
=== CANCELED ===   Pi Day Special Jonesboro AR 3/14/2020 3/14/2020 Special
Sunday Rapid 46 Clovis CA 3/8/2020 3/8/2020 Tnmt.
2020 Oklahoma State Scholastic Chess Championship Midwest City OK 3/7/2020 3/7/2020 Tnmt.
March Friday Night Free Cash Prize Tnmt. Kansas City MO 3/6/2020 3/27/2020 Tnmt.
Falling Forward (February Fridays) Tuscaloosa AL 2/7/2020 2/29/2020 Tnmt.
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Typical position in the Orangutan Opening (1.b4....)

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