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Event Name

Pi Day Special

Event ID 1286
Date 3/14/2020
Description Welcome to our first open tournament of the year! I hope everyone had a relaxing winter break, but now it's time to put on your thinking caps and play for keeps.No entry free, although donations are always welcome to recoup costs. Rated through CXR Chess - track your improvement!
Trophy/medal awards.
Three sections: Open, Collegiate, and Youth.
Time controls: adult sections will have g/30 time controls (each side gets 30 minutes), while the Youth section will have g/15.
Tournament will use a flex system to accommodate participation numbers. Each section will be broken into subsections of 5-10 players, by age or rating. We're planning for four rounds, with a likely fifth round to break up ties.
Time: Registration goes from 11am to noon. Round 1 begins at 12pm. Expect a 5 minute break between rounds, but if a round ends early, the next round will also begin early. The full tournament should last no more than 5 hours.
Pre-registration is encouraged but not required. Email us at director@scarletchessclub.com for more information or go to the link below to mark yourself as going.

CXR will pay a special prize of $FIFTY$ to that player, having an established (not provisional) CXR rating at the start of the event, who gains the most rating points as a result of the tournament.
Affiliate Scarlet Chess Club
Event Type Other
Time Control g/30
Location Carl R Reng Student Union
Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, Arkansas
DirectionsDrive onto the ASU campus. Find the Student Union building behind the water fountain, connected to the parking garage. Park in the garage. Third floor, Arkansas/Black/White River rooms.
Website https://www.facebook.com/events/185926952517283/
Contactemail:   director@scarletchessclub.com
phone:   870-926-3696

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