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Event Name

Bryant Regional Tournament

Event ID 1518
Wall Chart ../tournaments/WC1518.html  
Date 1/14/2023
Description Time Control: Game 30/5 second delay aSections: aJr High 1A-3A Sr High 1A-3A aJr High 4A-7A Sr High 4A-7A
Affiliate Chess Association for Arkansas Schools
Event Type Swiss Tournament
Time Control G30;D5
Location 200 NW 4th Street
Bryant, Arkansas
DirectionsAwards 4:30 (MVP awards for each sections) (1 st , 2 nd & 3 rd place trophies for each asection) In case of ties the computer will determine tiebreaks.
Website http://cxrchess.com
Contactemail:   kcchess@gmail.com
phone:   8164463550

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