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Game History for Landen L
Player ID: 12381-V, Rutherfordton Rockets Chess Club, Rutherfordton, NC, USA
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Landen's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    90824     DRAWN 800/P     802/P   WHITE J.D. 12384-J 800/P 12/16/09 none    
    90825     LOST 802/P     786/P   WHITE G.H. 12393-T 874/P 12/16/09 none    
    90832     WON 786/P     815/P   WHITE A.C. 12392-D 850/P 12/17/09 none    
    90839     LOST 815/P     798/P   WHITE P.B. 12390-N 856/P 12/17/09 none    
    90851     WON 798/P     825/P   BLACK S.G. 12378-D 827/P 12/17/09 none    
    90869     DRAWN 825/P     823/P   WHITE N.O. 12382-Y 729/P 12/17/09 none    
    90870     LOST 823/P     807/P   WHITE M.S. 12383-B 900/P 12/17/09 none    
    91272     WON 807/P     833/P   BLACK M.S. 12396-T 817/P 01/06/10 none    
    91280     DRAWN 833/P     834/P   BLACK K.M. 12387-H 814/P 01/06/10 none    
    91290     DRAWN 834/P     833/P   WHITE N.O. 12382-Y 753/P 01/06/10 none    
    91297     LOST 833/P     818/P   BLACK O.G. 12386-W 923/P 01/07/10 none    
    91300     WON 818/P     846/P   WHITE K.A. 12391-W 867/P 01/07/10 none    
    91340     WON 846/P     865/P   BLACK M.S. 12388-Q 670/P 01/20/10 none    
    91353     WON 865/P     891/P   WHITE Z.S. 12379-W 872/P 01/21/10 none    
    91359     LOST 891/P     869/P   BLACK W.S. 12380-V 817/P 01/21/10 none    
    92764     WON 869/P     894/P   WHITE I.H. 12385-Q 850/P 01/28/10 none    
    92777     WON 894/P     914/P   BLACK N.O. 12382-Y 748/P 01/28/10 none    
    93424     WON 914/P     938/P   WHITE Z.S. 12379-W 867/P 02/24/10 none    
    93429     WON 938/P     961/P   BLACK I.H. 12385-Q 866/P 02/24/10 none    
    93433     LOST 961/P     948/P   BLACK G.H. 12393-T 1118/P 02/24/10 none    
    93987     LOST 948/P     927/P   WHITE I.H. 12385-Q 889/P 03/10/10 none    
    93988     LOST 927/P     913/P   BLACK O.G. 12386-W 1056/P 03/10/10 none    
    93993     LOST 913/P     884/P   WHITE G.H. 12393-T 1160 03/10/10 none    
    94034     LOST 884     881   BLACK B.H. 12394-Y 962/P 03/17/10 none    
    94037     LOST 881     876   WHITE W.S. 12380-V 816/P 03/17/10 none    
    94041     DRAWN 876     880   BLACK P.B. 12390-N 1095/P 03/17/10 none    
    94716     LOST 880     860   WHITE Z.S. 12379-W 862 03/24/10 none    
    94756     LOST 860     842   BLACK W.S. 12380-V 873 03/26/10 none    
(28 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
43.33 % 46.15 % 44.64 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE:   +0.466
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK:   +2.692
Average Rating Change Overall: +1.5
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Landen L is playing reasonably well. Landen L has not had a win in 9 games."
Note: Pie charts are based on OFFICIAL results and do not reflect activity of the most recent 14 days.
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Landen L as White Player
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Landen L as Black Player

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