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Game History for Grant H
Player ID: 12393-T, Rutherfordton Rockets Chess Club, Rutherfordton, NC, USA
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Grant's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    90766     WON 850/P     874/P   WHITE N.O. 12382-Y 800/P 12/02/09 none    
    90825     WON 874/P     897/P   BLACK L.L. 12381-V 802/P 12/16/09 none    
    90840     WON 897/P     919/P   BLACK I.H. 12385-Q 786/P 12/17/09 none    
    90845     WON 919/P     943/P   BLACK K.A. 12391-W 871/P 12/17/09 none    
    90849     WON 943/P     964/P   WHITE K.M. 12387-H 827/P 12/17/09 none    
    90857     WON 964/P     984/P   BLACK W.S. 12380-V 805/P 12/17/09 none    
    90862     WON 984/P     1002/P   BLACK P.B. 12390-N 898/P 12/17/09 none    
    90865     WON 1002/P     1015/P   BLACK A.C. 12392-D 796/P 12/17/09 none    
    90866     WON 1015/P     1028/P   BLACK B.L. 12389-M 825/P 12/17/09 none    
    90876     WON 1028/P     1041/P   BLACK M.S. 12396-T 824/P 12/17/09 none    
    91275     WON 1041/P     1056/P   BLACK O.G. 12386-W 890/P 01/06/10 none    
    91276     WON 1056/P     1072/P   BLACK J.D. 12384-J 921/P 01/06/10 none    
    91281     WON 1072/P     1083/P   BLACK Z.S. 12379-W 828/P 01/06/10 none    
    91286     WON 1083/P     1089/P   BLACK M.S. 12388-Q 715/P 01/06/10 none    
    91301     WON 1089/P     1101/P   WHITE B.H. 12394-Y 860/P 01/07/10 none    
    91303     WON 1101/P     1114/P   WHITE M.S. 12383-B 911/P 01/07/10 none    
    92772     WON 1114/P     1121/P   BLACK N.O. 12382-Y 753/P 01/28/10 none    
    92780     LOST 1121/P     1095/P   BLACK O.G. 12386-W 1005/P 01/29/10 none    
    93420     WON 1095/P     1107/P   BLACK W.S. 12380-V 871/P 02/24/10 none    
    93422     DRAWN 1107/P     1104/P   WHITE O.G. 12386-W 1031/P 02/24/10 none    
    93431     WON 1104/P     1118/P   BLACK B.H. 12394-Y 923/P 02/24/10 none    
    93433     WON 1118/P     1133/P   WHITE L.L. 12381-V 961/P 02/24/10 none    
    93434     WON 1133/P     1149/P   WHITE P.B. 12390-N 1001/P 02/24/10 none    
    93447     WON 1149/P     1159/P   BLACK I.H. 12385-Q 866/P 02/25/10 none    
    93448     WON 1159/P     1168/P   WHITE Z.S. 12379-W 850/P 02/25/10 none    
    93992     LOST 1168     1160   BLACK P.B. 12390-N 963/P 03/10/10 none    
    93993     WON 1160     1164   BLACK L.L. 12381-V 913/P 03/10/10 none    
    94036     WON 1164     1167   WHITE M.S. 12383-B 892/P 03/17/10 none    
(28 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
94.44 % 89.47 % 91.07 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE:   +12.22
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK:   +10.89
Average Rating Change Overall: +11.32
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Grant H is playing very well. Rapidly rising rating reflects player's true strength. Grant has faced opponents with an average rating of 871. Grant should seek opponents of equal or greater strength in order to improve. He has improved by 317 points since 2009-12-02. "
Note: Pie charts are based on OFFICIAL results and do not reflect activity of the most recent 14 days.
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Grant H as White Player
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Grant H as Black Player

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