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Game History for Scott McMenemy
Player ID: 3756-F, Mariposa Chess Club, Orillia, ON, CAN
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Scott's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    55456     LOST 550/P     537/P   WHITE M.Landheer 3757-H 700/P 03/30/06 none    
    55461     LOST 537/P     520/P   BLACK B.Treash 3762-B 576/P 03/30/06 none    
    55463     LOST 520/P     505/P   WHITE J.Whamond 3764-K 623/P 03/30/06 none    
    55466     DRAWN 505/P     507/P   BLACK J.Geden 3754-N 515/P 03/30/06 none    
    55204     LOST 507/P     491/P   BLACK B.Treash 3762-B 571/P 04/13/06 none    
    55211     WON 491/P     517/P   WHITE J.Geden 3754-N 480/P 04/13/06 none    
    55215     LOST 517/P     508/P   WHITE J.Whamond 3764-K 764/P 04/13/06 none    
    67595     WON 508/P     521/P   WHITE J.Odlozinski 6563-A 177/P 10/20/07 none   280 actually played Sept.27th.  
    67596     LOST 521/P     499/P   BLACK P.Quigley 3759-W 455/P 10/20/07 none   280 actually played Sept.27th.  
    67654     WON 499/P     549/P   WHITE G.Haskins 6566-C 324 10/25/07 none   291  
    67656     WON 549/P     569/P   BLACK A.Brawn-czapski 7096-P 224 10/25/07 none   291  
    67900     WON 569/P     634/P   WHITE R.Rogers 3760-F 471 11/08/07 none   295  
    67902     WON 634/P     650/P   BLACK N.Losole-stringer 7606-C 290 11/08/07 none   295  
    69011     DRAWN 650/P     632/P   WHITE R.Rogers 3760-F 550 12/06/07 none   302  
    69013     DRAWN 632     632   BLACK P.Quigley 3759-W 579 12/06/07 none   302  
    75591     WON 632     641   BLACK S.Beauvais 8118-P 402/P 03/20/08 none   354  
    75594     LOST 641     622   WHITE P.Quigley 3759-W 639 03/20/08 none   354  
    75698     WON 622     637   WHITE J.Geden 3754-N 345 04/19/08 none   361  
    75700     WON 637     660   BLACK R.Rogers 3760-F 570 04/19/08 none   361  
(19 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
55 % 55.55 % 55.26 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: +9.5
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: +1.666
Average Rating Change Overall: +5.789
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Scott McMenemy is playing very well. Greater success with White implies the potential for improvement with Black. Concentrate on opening moves for defense. Scott has faced opponents with an average rating of 487.1. Scott should seek opponents of equal or greater strength in order to improve. He has improved by 169 points since 2006-04-13. "
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Scott McMenemy as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Scott McMenemy as Black Player

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