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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events
Includes all posted events for this affiliate, past and future.
State/Prov City Starts Name Plyrs1 TSI2 Type Event ID
Arkansas Jonesboro Feb. 2 Chuck-Mate Tournament 47 7 Tnmt. 1158
Arkansas Jonesboro Nov. 3, 2018 SCC Howlcoming Tournament 2018 14 5 Tnmt. 1137
Arkansas Jonesboro Sept. 8, 2018 A-State Battle on the Board 60 5 Tnmt. 1117
Arkansas Jonesboro June 30, 2018 Red Hot Red Wolves Tournament 16 5 Tnmt. 1114
Arkansas Jonesboro May 13, 2018 SCC Spring Fling 2018 6 4 Tnmt. 1111
Arkansas Jonesboro March 31, 2018 2018 SPRING OPEN 13 4 Tnmt. 1100
Arkansas Jonesboro Dec. 3, 2017 SCC Winter Open 2017 20 6 Tnmt. 1081
Arkansas Jonesboro Sept. 2, 2017 SCC Fall Open 2017 19 5 Tnmt. 1067
Arkansas Jonesboro March 11, 2017 SCC March Open 15 5 Tnmt. 1041

1. Plyrs: The effective number of players, where a player taking part in all rounds of his/her section counts as 1.0, and any missed rounds reduce the weighting of that player.

2. TSI: Allows easy comparison of many different events, at a glance.   The Tournament Significance Index (a.k.a. Tournament Strength Index) is an indication of the event's importance in the world of chess at large.   A Significance Index is calculated separately for each Section ("SSI"), taking into account the number of players, their strength, the number of rounds, and the time control.   The highest SSI in any tournament is called the TSI.   Sections with fewer than 3 rounds or an effective** average rating below 400 or effective** number of players less than 4, do not qualify for an SSI.

**Please look here for a complete explanation of TSI.

Number of Events Displayed: 9

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