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Benefits For Players

  • CXR ratings are highly responsive to your current playing ability
  • Specialized ratings and percentages that isolate your performance:
    • With the white pieces
    • With the black pieces
    • Against much stronger opponents
    • Under various time-control ranges, i.e. "slow" games, "quick" games, and "speed" games.
  • Track your improvement and review your milestones via your "Progress & Achievements" report!
  • Review your complete Game History in detail
  • Used by top Masters and Grand Masters (see "Top 50 List")
  • Premium Membership

    • Your own, personal Login ID and password
    • You can record detailed information about your games
    • You can record notes only you can see
    • Based on the extra data you provide, you get additional performance statistics
    • At the discretion of your affiliated club, you may be able to report results of non-tournament games (e.g. club games)
    • At the discretion of your affiliated club, you could report results of games played against players with non-CXR ratings
    • Annual dues for Premium Membership is just seven dollars! (less than 2 cents a day)
Ask your club to join CXR today!  There is no cost to affiliate with CXR, nor are there any recurring affiliation fees.

Hot List!!
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Top Active Players
1.   Rafael Baltazar 1940
2.   Frida Santiago 1721
3.   Paul Roberts 1548
4.   Richard Barski 1542
5.   Earney Pattrick 1501
6.   Nicholas Manley 1445
7.   Maxwell Goforth 1191
8.   Jovan Merelestse 1188
9.   Philip Storck 1143
10.   Aun Hathiari 1141
11.   J Argeropoulos 1139
12.   Carlos Contreras 1086
13.   Samuel Cashman 1012
14.   L Satterwhite 985
15.   Dharshan Rajesh 962
16.   Kalen Fee 956
17.   Andrew Nguyen 950
18.   Phoenix Yeh 896
19.   Parker Payne 832
20.   Mallory Fee 820
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