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Event Name

Sooner Chess Series

Event ID 855
Wall Chart http://www.cxrchess.com/WC855.html         ←  ←  ←   Look Here for Tournament Results!
Date 3/17/2012
Description Free USCF 3-month memberships for new members! Dual-rated USCF+CXR event with scholastic discounts! First of 3 one-day tournaments held March 17 – April 14 – May 5. 4-SS, G/50(+15). Entry Fee: $25 with $10 discount for juniors under age 18 or players rated over 2000. Entry Fee includes free 3-month USCF membership for first-time members! Cash or Check at site only. Reg: 8:30-9:20. Rds: 9:30, 12:20, 2:40, 5:00 Prizes: 1st- $100 guaranteed, plus class prizes per entries — plus Series Prizes: a large portion of each EF goes to a prize fund to be paid at end of the Spring series. See website for details.
Affiliate Sooner Series Club
Event Type Swiss Tournament
Time Control G50
Location View Acres Baptist Church
2327 S 65th W Ave
Tulsa, Oklahoma
DirectionsSee http://www.okchess.org for details and links for directions to the playing site.
Website http://www.okchess.org
Sponsor(s)Sooner Series Club
Contactemail:   tom.braunlich@cox.net

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