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Game History for Owen G
Player ID: 12386-W, Rutherfordton Rockets Chess Club, Rutherfordton, NC, USA
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Owen's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    90765     DRAWN 800/P     804/P   BLACK B.H. 12394-Y 850/P 12/02/09 none    
    90826     LOST 804/P     786/P   WHITE M.S. 12383-B 826/P 12/16/09 none    
    90829     WON 786/P     813/P   BLACK I.H. 12385-Q 800/P 12/17/09 none    
    90842     WON 813/P     839/P   BLACK A.C. 12392-D 811/P 12/17/09 none    
    90848     DRAWN 839/P     841/P   BLACK K.A. 12391-W 837/P 12/17/09 none    
    90861     WON 841/P     870/P   BLACK P.B. 12390-N 920/P 12/17/09 none    
    90863     DRAWN 870/P     870/P   BLACK B.L. 12389-M 821/P 12/17/09 none    
    91270     WON 870/P     890/P   WHITE M.S. 12388-Q 719/P 01/06/10 none    
    91275     LOST 890/P     877/P   WHITE G.H. 12393-T 1041/P 01/06/10 none    
    91279     WON 877/P     900/P   WHITE S.G. 12378-D 790/P 01/06/10 none    
    91292     WON 900/P     923/P   BLACK J.B. 12395-T 833/P 01/06/10 none    
    91297     WON 923/P     945/P   WHITE L.L. 12381-V 833/P 01/07/10 none    
    91304     WON 945/P     964/P   WHITE K.M. 12387-H 780/P 01/07/10 none    
    91342     WON 964/P     981/P   WHITE N.O. 12382-Y 739/P 01/20/10 none    
    91349     WON 981/P     1000/P   WHITE M.S. 12383-B 923/P 01/20/10 none    
    91351     LOST 1000/P     972/P   WHITE W.S. 12380-V 782/P 01/21/10 none    
    91358     WON 972/P     993/P   WHITE Z.S. 12379-W 853/P 01/21/10 none    
    92771     WON 993/P     1005/P   WHITE S.G. 12378-D 775/P 01/28/10 none    
    92780     WON 1005/P     1031/P   WHITE G.H. 12393-T 1121/P 01/29/10 none    
    93422     DRAWN 1031/P     1034/P   BLACK G.H. 12393-T 1107/P 02/24/10 none    
    93426     WON 1034/P     1051/P   WHITE B.H. 12394-Y 938/P 02/24/10 none    
    93427     WON 1051/P     1064/P   BLACK W.S. 12380-V 842/P 02/24/10 none    
    93446     DRAWN 1064/P     1056/P   BLACK I.H. 12385-Q 856/P 02/25/10 none    
    93988     WON 1056/P     1072/P   WHITE L.L. 12381-V 927/P 03/10/10 none    
    94040     WON 1072/P     1110/P   BLACK Z.S. 12379-W 864 03/17/10 none    
    94715     WON 1110     1122   WHITE W.S. 12380-V 895 03/24/10 none    
    94720     WON 1122     1131   BLACK M.S. 12383-B 833 03/24/10 none    
(27 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
80 % 79.16 % 79.62 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE:   +11
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK:   +13.83
Average Rating Change Overall: +12.25
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Owen G is playing very well. Rapidly rising rating reflects player's true strength. Owen has faced opponents with an average rating of 863.5. Owen should seek opponents of equal or greater strength in order to improve. He has improved by 345 points since 2009-12-16. Owen G has an unbeaten streak of 11 games."
Note: Pie charts are based on OFFICIAL results and do not reflect activity of the most recent 14 days.
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Owen G as White Player
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Owen G as Black Player

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