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Game History for Burt H
Player ID: 12394-Y, Rutherfordton Rockets Chess Club, Rutherfordton, NC, USA
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Burt 's
Burt 's Rating
Before  &  After
Burt 's
Name of
    90765     DRAWN 850/P     850/P   WHITE O.G. 12386-W 800/P 12/02/09 none    
    90830     LOST 850/P     829/P   WHITE J.D. 12384-J 802/P 12/17/09 none    
    90854     LOST 829/P     810/P   BLACK K.A. 12391-W 839/P 12/17/09 none    
    91282     WON 810/P     835/P   WHITE B.L. 12389-M 781/P 01/06/10 none    
    91291     WON 835/P     860/P   WHITE K.M. 12387-H 798/P 01/06/10 none    
    91301     LOST 860/P     850/P   BLACK G.H. 12393-T 1089/P 01/07/10 none    
    91346     WON 850/P     871/P   BLACK N.O. 12382-Y 729/P 01/20/10 none    
    91350     WON 871/P     888/P   WHITE M.S. 12388-Q 645/P 01/20/10 none    
    92774     WON 888/P     918/P   WHITE P.B. 12390-N 986/P 01/28/10 none    
    92775     WON 918/P     938/P   WHITE S.G. 12378-D 765/P 01/28/10 none    
    93426     LOST 938/P     923/P   BLACK O.G. 12386-W 1034/P 02/24/10 none    
    93431     LOST 923/P     911/P   WHITE G.H. 12393-T 1104/P 02/24/10 none    
    93449     WON 911/P     937/P   WHITE M.S. 12383-B 911/P 02/25/10 none    
    93450     LOST 937/P     913/P   WHITE W.S. 12380-V 813/P 02/25/10 none    
    93989     WON 913/P     939/P   WHITE I.H. 12385-Q 917/P 03/10/10 none    
    93991     WON 939/P     962/P   WHITE Z.S. 12379-W 869/P 03/10/10 none    
    94034     WON 962/P     1026/P   WHITE L.L. 12381-V 884 03/17/10 none    
    94758     LOST 1026     1007   BLACK P.B. 12390-N 1082 03/26/10 none    
    94759     LOST 1007     992   WHITE P.B. 12390-N 1101 03/26/10 none    
(19 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
67.85 % 20 % 55.26 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE:   +13.14
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK:   -8.4
Average Rating Change Overall: +7.473
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Burt H has been much more successful as White. Greater success with White implies the potential for improvement with Black. Concentrate on opening moves for defense. Burt has faced opponents with an average rating of 892.0. Burt should seek stronger opponents in order to improve. He has improved by 182 points since 2009-12-17. "
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Burt  H as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Burt  H as Black Player

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