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Event Profile
Event NameNew York Masters 122
Event ID64
Wall Chart
DescriptionAn ongoing tournament held most every Tuesday night from 7:00 to 11:30 PM. Open to Masters or stronger! More than 30 GrandMasters have participated, and regulars include GM.s Wojtkiewicz, Yudasin, Ehlvest, Kamsky, Stripunsky, and others. CXR is offering a jackpot of over $254 (and still climbing) to the first female player to score a perfect 4 - 0 in a Tuesday night session of the New York Masters Tournament (Irina Krush twice came within a half point!). GM Leonid Yudasin (CXR player ID 39) was awarded the Chess Express Ratings Iron Man prize of $330.00 on March 9, 2004 for achieving a 33-game unbeaten streak. He then proceeded to beat his own record with a 35-game unbeaten streak to again win the CXR Iron Man prize, this time for $350.00.
AffiliateNew York Masters
Event TypeSwiss Tournament
Time Control30
Location23 West 10 Street
New York, New York
Sponsor(s)New York Masters
phone:   (917) 294-1338

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