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Start a Chess Club

Learning and playing chess encourages concentration and focus, rewards planning ahead, patience, and playing by a set of rules, and respect for others.

If you want to start a club, please click one of these links:

Start a Scholastic Chess Club in a Library

Start a Scholastic Chess Club in a School

Start a Neighborhood Chess Club

And have your club join CXR today!  There are no affiliation fees; no rating fees.

Hot List!!
1.   Calvin Hori +45
2.   Neil Cousin +30
3.   NM Denys Shmelov +27
4.   Alex Yu +19
5.   Mika Brattain +16
6.   NM V Martirosov +6
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Top Active Players
1.   NM Denys Shmelov 2409
2.   J Yedidia 2384
3.   Mika Brattain 2380
4.   NM V Martirosov 2305
5.   Lawyer Times 2269
6.   Farzad Abdi 2239
7.   Neil Cousin 2048
8.   Yuriy Zhaurov 1936
9.   Calvin Hori 1912
10.   Mark Fins 1817
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