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Start a Chess Club

Learning and playing chess encourages concentration and focus, rewards planning ahead, patience, and playing by a set of rules, and respect for others.

If you want to start a club, please click one of these links:

Start a Scholastic Chess Club in a Library

Start a Scholastic Chess Club in a School

Start a Neighborhood Chess Club

And have your club join CXR today!  There are no affiliation fees; no rating fees.

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Top Active Players
1.   Maggie Feng 2223
2.   Jennifer Yu 2171
3.   Apurva Virkud 2159
4.   Akshita Gorti 2155
5.   Carissa Yip 2137
6.   Claudia Munoz 2121
7.   Becca Lampman 2096
8.   Kimberly Ding 2093
9.   Alice Dong 2019
10.   A Wiener 1926
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