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FICS: Free Internet Chess Server

Here are some chess web-sites we like. When we have more of them, we will separate them by category.
The inclusion of any web-site in our list is not a warranty by CXR.   Caveat Emptor!  
Site NameCategoryShort Description
FICS (Free Internet Chess Server)Play ChessFree Internet Chess Server (FICS). Play chess here for free. Face opponents from around the globe. Simple interface. Free to play.
Cool Chess CanadaSuppliesPurveyor of quality chess supplies in Ontario, Canada.
Endgame ProblemsTrainingA great place to train your brain, by working on a variety of endgame problems. Register for FREE.
Red Hot PawnPlay chessA great site where you can play multiple correspondence chess games for free. Terrific interface.
Cajun ChessSuppliesMajor supplier of chess boards, pieces, clocks, software, books, etc. Cajun Chess has the best prices we have seen anywhere!
Susan Polgar's BlogNewsThe Queen of Chess, GM Susan Polgar, keeps you up-to-date on all the exciting chess news. An important site.
Chess ManiacEverythingThis site has it all. Everything about chess is here. Links, too.
Chess Daily NewsNewsThe hottest news from the wide world of chess.

To suggest a link, send an email to: info@cxrchess.com with the word "Link" in the Subject.
Include the web-site address (URL) and why you think that CXR customers would be interested in the site.

Hot List!!
1.   Sanchez Palmer +181
2.   Camden Graham +90
3.   Justin Fulcher +74
4.   Jordan Jasper +65
5.   Preston Koloen +64
6.   Matthew Dunn +49
7.   Rebecca Rutledge +48
8.   Nethanel Dunn +47
9.   Kelvin Xie +45
10.   Franklin Thiessen +43
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Top Active Players
1.   Advait Patel 2531
2.   Frank Johnson 2380
3.   Robert Sasata 2348
4.   Ian Findlay 2304
5.   Isaac Wiebe 2279
6.   Dale Haessel 2271
7.   Ryne Swift 2207
8.   Omid Malek 2190
9.   Georgi Kostadinov 2103
10.   Marcos Valentino 2102
11.   Charles Herbers 2090
12.   Joel Gonzales 2085
13.   Gustav Baron 2084
14.   Brian Timmerman 2038
15.   Kyrylo Demchenko 2024
16.   Aaron Both 1994
17.   Blair Rutter 1974
18.   Theo Wolchock 1925
19.   Graham Sorgard 1891
20.   Bhavik Dave 1881
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