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Chess Express Ratings, Inc. ("CXR"), is an official international chess rating authority for organizers, and for chess players of all ages and strengths, from beginners to grandmasters.

CXR encourages the study and enjoyment of the ancient game of chess as an art, and also for its known benefits to the player's capacity for concentration, patience and study, memory, logical thinking, problem solving, planning, pattern recognition, decision making, and good sportsmanship.

Founded in 1995, CXR has grown to thousands of members and dozens of affiliated chess clubs and organizations on two continents. From its corporate headquarters in New York, CXR processes scores of tournaments with more than 10,000 officially rated games annually.

A cornerstone of CXR's philosophy is that a rating alone does not provide enough information. CXR, therefore, provides an entire arsenal of personal performance metrics and analytics for no additional charge. This is the kind of information that can pinpoint where the player needs to focus his or her study, thus leading to more rapid improvement in play.

CXR firmly believes in the for-profit model as well-suited to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, the corporate structure frees CXR from the quagmire of politics and strife which can cripple other types of organizations. The low cost of its service opens up the world of rated chess competition to large numbers of players who previously could not afford to pay the burdensome fees levied upon them by the old, incumbent organization.

Hot List!!
1.   Shaurya Aggarwal +74
2.   Lily Boevers +55
3.   Kaden Short +43
4.   Marcella Madison +33
5.   Simon Hart +7
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Top Active Players
1.   James Long 1937
2.   Joseph Molina 1905
3.   Blake Tanner 1882
4.   Hon Chung 1691
5.   Albert Calabrese 1668
6.   John Madsen 1658
7.   Phillip Watts 1655
8.   Miles Bowlin 1634
9.   Stephan Rice 1586
10.   Kenneth Eddy 1536
11.   Anh Chung 1481
12.   Steven Bellisario 1477
13.   Ryan Billingsley 1469
14.   Jerald Wilson 1465
15.   Sergio Lopez 1384
16.   Jonathan Carlson 1359
17.   Felix-Jr Saldivar 1218
18.   Luis Marin 1213
19.   Lee Carter 1199
20.   Thiago Almeida 1181
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