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CXR (Chess Express Ratings) wishes to welcome all players. We are in the business of providing the most complete set of personal performance metrics possible, to help you track and improve your play. Our service is available through CXR-affiliated chess clubs and tournament directors.

Chess Express Ratings has set out to provide today's chess player with more than just a rating. CXR provides many useful statistics so you can know whether you play better in quick games or long ones; how you perform playing the black pieces; how you do with the white pieces; how quickly you are improving.

Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events

Event Name City State Start Date Type
MetroWest CC April Champ. Natick MA 7/1/2014 Tnmt.
Mid-Del Middle Sch. Chess Del City OK 5/3/2014 Tnmt.
Cherokee Nation Schol. Open Tahlequah OK 4/26/2014 Tnmt.
2014 Sibbald-Gordon Spring Kingston ON 3/17/2014 Tnmt.
18th Annual OK Schol. Chess Edmond OK 3/8/2014 Tnmt.
2014 Kingston Rapid Kingston ON 3/3/2014 Tnmt.
Jenks Schol. Open Jenks OK 2/15/2014 Tnmt.
Alondra Park Dec 2013 Champ. Lawndale CA 2/4/2014 Tnmt.
2014 Kingston Club Kingston ON 2/3/2014 Tnmt.
Ida Freeman Winter Open Edmond OK 1/18/2014 Tnmt.
Ardnola Park Rebotco Lawndale CA 1/11/2014 Tnmt.
Ardnola Park Tsugua Lawndale CA 1/7/2014 Tnmt.
2013 Heritage Christian Bothell WA 1/1/2014 Tnmt.
2013 Canadian Youth Chess Ottawa ON 12/20/2013 Tnmt.
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Hot List!!
1.   Calvin Hori +45
2.   Neil Cousin +30
3.   NM Denys Shmelov +27
4.   Alex Yu +19
5.   Mika Brattain +16
6.   NM V Martirosov +6
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Top Active Players
1.   NM Denys Shmelov 2409
2.   J Yedidia 2384
3.   Mika Brattain 2380
4.   NM V Martirosov 2305
5.   Lawyer Times 2269
6.   Farzad Abdi 2239
7.   Neil Cousin 2048
8.   Yuriy Zhaurov 1936
9.   Calvin Hori 1912
10.   Mark Fins 1817
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