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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events
Event Name City State Start Date Type
19th Albert Rine Memorial OK Tulsa OK 11/17/2018 Tnmt.
The 2018 Missouri Grade State Liberty MO 10/27/2018 Tnmt.
9th Do or Do Not Norman OK 10/13/2018 Tnmt.
Cherokee K - 12 Schol. Open Tahlequah OK 10/13/2018 Tnmt.
Tuesday Night Chess   <<--- TODAY Olive Branch MS 10/2/2018 Weekly Special
2018 Jim Cairns Memorial Kingston ON 9/17/2018 Tnmt.
Cleveland Elementary K-12 Oklahoma City OK 9/15/2018 Tnmt.
A-State Battle on the Board Jonesboro AR 9/8/2018 Tnmt.
September quad Tulsa OK 9/7/2018 Quads
Chess for Lunch Tuesdays Liberty MO 9/4/2018 Tnmt.
16th Holly Heisman Memorial Wynnewood PA 9/2/2018 Tnmt.
Tulsa Chess Friday Quad Tulsa OK 8/10/2018 Quads
FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH QUADS Liberty MO 7/27/2018 Weekly Quads
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CXR - We left the other rating authorities in the dust.
Hot List!!
1.   Andrew Ratterman +110
2.   Devansh Katakwar +97
3.   Abigail Farell +94
4.   Holley Brown +92
5.   Isaac Boggs +89
6.   Bodee Jimerson +84
7.   Miranda Huang +82
8.   Micah Clarke +79
9.   Ryan Sizemore +62
10.   Kelby Peters +59
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Top Active Players
1.   Peter Minear 2410
2.   FM Thomas Bartell 2380
3.   Matt Obrien 2272
4.   N Thomforde-Toates 2225
5.   Karl Dehmelt 2159
6.   Joseph Mucerino 2063
7.   Kevin Santo 2044
8.   Adam Serota 2016
9.   Stan Hwang 1947
10.   Daniel Reilly 1945
11.   Mark Dubnoff 1888
12.   Christo Giannaras 1853
13.   Naren Pullela 1846
14.   B Calupitan 1822
15.   Michael Robertson 1820
16.   Donald Battle 1808
17.   Noah Xu 1801
18.   Ryan Amburgy 1777
19.   Maxwell Barnes 1736
20.   Craig Saurage 1691
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