2 Benefits to coaches using CXR
CXR Chess eXpress Ratings
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Benefits For The Chess Coach

  • CXR ratings are highly responsive to your students' current performance
  • New ratings and statistics that isolate:
    • Performance with the WHITE pieces
    • Performance with the BLACK pieces
    • Performance against much STRONGER OPPONENTS
    • Performance using different Opening Moves
    • Many other unique and innovative analytics
  • CXR System recognizes the value of practice - win, lose, or draw.*
  • CXR ratings incorporate both tournament and non-tournament games
  • Report your students' results from any games, played anywhere
  • Students can view improvement daily via dozens of metrics
  • Ability to review each student's Game History in detail
  • Used by top Masters and Grand Masters (see "Top 50 List")
  • Annual player dues are just seven dollars - unlimited rated games.
  • Affiliation with CXR is FREE; no per-game fees; no nickel-and-diming.
  • Scholastic Titles automatically awarded for 22 levels of achievement!
  • CXR's leading-edge technology puts YOUR business ahead of the rest.

IMPORTANT: With Premium Membership (just $7 for 12 months), your students can store important information about their games, such as opening moves, more details about how the game ended, how many moves the game lasted (if this is provided, we can calculate additional metrics on endgame performance), personal notes on the game, and even the entire game score (PGN notation accepted).

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*Every game played by a youngster -- regardless of outcome -- contributes to his or her better understanding of the game. Winning a game demonstrates increased understanding and planning. For the first 100 games played by students rated under 1000, the CXR System recognizes the great value of over-the-board practice by adding 2 extra rating points for draws and losses; and 5 extra rating points for victories; this is in addition to the normal rating adjustment. Also, for very young beginners, our formulas provide a "safety cushion" effect that tends to keep ratings from falling much below the 100 level.

Hot List!!
1.   Patrick Nelsen +129
2.   Justin Fulcher +128
3.   S Obar +108
4.   Jaheim Antoine +66
5.   Parnell Stephenson +64
6.   Keith Barnes +41
7.   Sanchez Palmer +39
8.   Rodney Thomas +28
9.   J Bolhuis +21
10.   Clayton Mitchell +20
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Top Active Players
1.   Charles Herbers 1961
2.   S Obar 1922
3.   Frank Dixon 1810
4.   Azroy Kandan 1807
5.   L Brown 1773
6.   Dave Gordon 1642
7.   D Weaver 1615
8.   Arman Azroy 1600
9.   Sid Anjilvel 1531
10.   Marshal Hayes 1499
11.   John Lukezich 1444
12.   Steve Hughes 1428
13.   Raf Deleon 1419
14.   Destin Fox 1407
15.   Avery Brewer 1346
16.   Noah Pedersen 1345
17.   Lorenz Paulsen 1339
18.   Joshua Vollebregt 1316
19.   Ian Birch 1281
20.   Justin Fulcher 1275
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