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Benefits For Players

  • CXR ratings are highly responsive to your current playing ability
  • New ratings and percentages that isolate your performance:
    • With the white pieces
    • With the black pieces
    • Against much stronger opponents
  • Measure your improvement via your folio of personal reports containing dozens of performance statistics!
  • Review your Game History in detail
  • Used by top Masters and Grand Masters (see "Top 50 List")
  • Premium Membership:
    • Login ID and password
    • Record detailed information about your games
    • Record notes only you can see
    • Based on the extra data you provide, you get additional performance statistics
    • Annual dues just seven dollars!
Ask your club to join CXR today!  There are no affiliation fees; no rating fees.

Hot List!!
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Top Active Players
1.   Maggie Feng 2223
2.   Jennifer Yu 2171
3.   Apurva Virkud 2159
4.   Akshita Gorti 2155
5.   Carissa Yip 2137
6.   Claudia Munoz 2121
7.   Becca Lampman 2096
8.   Kimberly Ding 2093
9.   Alice Dong 2019
10.   A Wiener 1926
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