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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events

Event Name City State Start Date Type
Tax Day G30 - CXR Rated Liberty MO 4/15/2017 Tnmt.
2017 Midwest Jr. Championship Gladstone MO 4/8/2017 Tnmt.
March Fun Friday G15 Club Liberty MO 3/31/2017 Tnmt.
SSA March Madness Tucson AZ 3/25/2017 Tnmt.
Paul Morphy Youth Tnmt. Liberty MO 3/18/2017 Tnmt.
SCC March Open Jonesboro AR 3/11/2017 Tnmt.
Clay Platte Montessori K-12 Kansas City MO 3/11/2017 Tnmt.
7th Annual 4 States Winter Joplin MO 3/4/2017 Tnmt.
2017 Okla. State Schol. Chess Midwest City OK 3/4/2017 Tnmt.
I HEART WESTARK Fort Smith AR 3/2/2017 Quads
KCC Arman Azroy 2017 Spring Kingston, On ON 3/1/2017 Tnmt.
2nd SENECA Quad Chess Tnmt. Cranston RI 2/25/2017 Quads
Feb. Fun Friday G15 Club Night Liberty MO 2/24/2017 Tnmt.
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Hot List!!
1.   Garrett Pappano +118
2.   Luke Rehmel +101
3.   Trent Morris +96
4.   Arjun Deepak +81
5.   Calista Lemmons +79
6.   Callie Carter +65
7.   Josie Little +65
8.   Ishan Khurana +64
9.   Riddick Miller +64
10.   Dalton Oxford +63
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Top Active Players
1.   Advait Patel 2494
2.   Robert Sasata 2358
3.   Gary Ng 2343
4.   Daniel Kazmaier 2326
5.   Ian Findlay 2303
6.   Isaac Wiebe 2241
7.   Jason Kenney 2226
8.   Michael Carey 2220
9.   Marcos Valentino 2185
10.   Nilo Moncal 2177
11.   Steve Udarbe 2143
12.   Georgi Kostadinov 2058
13.   Saul Magnusson 2039
14.   Blair Rutter 2023
15.   Gustav Baron 2016
16.   Theo Wolchock 1961
17.   Azroy Kandan 1937
18.   Terry Chaisson 1879
19.   Howard Goldowsky 1877
20.   Francois Simard 1856
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