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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events

Event Name City State Start Date Type
The Challengers Tornado Moore OK 6/10/2017 Tnmt.
Woodall K-12 Schol. Chess Open Tahlequah OK 4/22/2017 Tnmt.
The Challengers April 22, 2017 Oklahoma City OK 4/22/2017 Tnmt.
Tax Day G30 - CXR Rated Liberty MO 4/15/2017 Tnmt.
2017 Midwest Jr. Championship Gladstone MO 4/8/2017 Tnmt.
March Fun Friday G15 Club Liberty MO 3/31/2017 Tnmt.
Blue Springs Chess School Liberty MO 3/28/2017 Tnmt.
Home School Chess School Liberty MO 3/28/2017 Tnmt.
The Kansas City Chess Sch. Liberty MO 3/28/2017 Tnmt.
SSA March Madness Tucson AZ 3/25/2017 Tnmt.
Paul Morphy Youth Tnmt. Liberty MO 3/18/2017 Tnmt.
Clay Platte Montessori K-12 Kansas City MO 3/11/2017 Tnmt.
SCC March Open Jonesboro AR 3/11/2017 Tnmt.
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Hot List!!
1.   Josiah Pierce +110
2.   Dave Gordon +78
3.   Tyger Jimerson +77
4.   Preston Koloen +74
5.   William Ford +66
6.   Kaden Short +63
7.   Luke Pierce +60
8.   Hannah Yoon +59
9.   Arman Azroy +53
10.   Breanna Mcgilton +52
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Top Active Players
1.   Advait Patel 2494
2.   Michael Carey 2220
3.   Blake Tanner 1909
4.   Howard Goldowsky 1877
5.   Azroy Kandan 1858
6.   Jake VanRooy 1826
7.   Veronika Zilajeva 1805
8.   Sal Martinez 1802
9.   Frank Dixon 1788
10.   Conrado Salazar 1774
11.   Benjamin Swiszcz 1744
12.   Jonathan Shure 1698
13.   Edward Paguaga 1688
14.   John Madsen 1680
15.   Nial Renshaw 1676
16.   Dave Gordon 1675
17.   Tom Beechey 1674
18.   Hon Chung 1669
19.   Alex Bohn 1664
20.   Robert Petty 1655
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