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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events

Event Name City State Start Date Type
Tulsa University Sch. K-12 Tulsa OK 12/12/2015 Tnmt.
The Challengers CC Nov. 2015 Moore OK 11/21/2015 Tnmt.
16th Annual Okla. State Grade Tulsa OK 11/14/2015 Tnmt.
PS 158 Chess Championship New York NY 11/8/2015 Tnmt.
Cherokee Nation K-12 Open Tahlequah OK 10/17/2015 Tnmt.
2015 Jim Cairns Memorial Swiss Kingston ON 10/14/2015 Tnmt.
16th Poikovsky in honor of GM Poikovsky ?? 9/27/2015 Tnmt.
University of Central Okla. Edmond OK 9/26/2015 Tnmt.
The Challengers CC Sept. 2015 Oklahoma City OK 9/12/2015 Tnmt.
Okla. City University Open Oklahoma City OK 8/22/2015 Tnmt.
2015 Pennsylvania g25 d5 Lancaster PA 8/16/2015 Tnmt.
13th Holly Heisman Memorial Wynnewood PA 8/2/2015 Tnmt.
Summer Splash Oklahoma City OK 8/1/2015 Tnmt.
Tri-State Championship VIII New York NY 7/12/2015 Tnmt.
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Hot List!!
1.   Ty Garland +121
2.   Rebecca Szlechter +88
3.   Quinn Boren +86
4.   Joshua Chuan +86
5.   Katherine Farell +85
6.   Kelvin Xie +81
7.   Carson Thorpe +80
8.   Xavier Williams +79
9.   L Black-Hernandez +71
10.   Colin Ruhl +69
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Top Active Players
1.   GM Anton Korobov 2746
2.   GM Viktor Bologan 2723
3.   Ernesto Inarkiev 2711
4.   GM Emil Sutovsky 2686
5.   GM D Khismatullin 2684
6.   GM A Morozevich 2670
7.   GM Alexei Shirov 2665
8.   GM Igor Lysyj 2652
9.   GM Ilya Smirin 2652
10.   GM Viktor Laznicka 2608
11.   Advait Patel 2382
12.   Howard Zhong 2197
13.   Joshua Alexander 2143
14.   Veronika Zilajeva 1846
15.   Yash Kumar 1671
16.   Krish Kumar 1640
17.   Zile Cao 1586
18.   Sanjeev Musuvathy 1167
19.   Easton Nibs 1165
20.   Andrew Farell 1165
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