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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events

Event Name City State Start Date Type
The Challengers Nov. 19, 2016 Moore OK 11/19/2016 Tnmt.
The Challengers July 9, 2016 Moore OK 7/9/2016 Tnmt.
The Challengers OU June 4, Norman OK 6/4/2016 Tnmt.
SCHOOL IS OUT Chess Open Van Buren AR 5/28/2016 Tnmt.
KCC En Passant Kingston ON 4/18/2016 Tnmt.
Tristate April Championship New York NY 4/17/2016 Tnmt.
KCC Tony Bao Spring Open Kingston ON 3/22/2016 Tnmt.
Manhattan Day Sch. New York NY 3/13/2016 Tnmt.
The Challengers March 12, 2016 Oklahoma City OK 3/12/2016 Tnmt.
March Madness River Valley River Valley AR 3/1/2016 Tnmt.
20th Annual OK Schol. Chess Del City OK 2/27/2016 Tnmt.
Westark Winter Warm-up Van Buren AR 2/20/2016 Tnmt.
Ramaz Lower Sch. Championship New York NY 2/7/2016 Tnmt.
Valley Home Sch. CC Chess Mcallen TX 2/6/2016 Tnmt.
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Hot List!!
1.   Joel Ulahannan +127
2.   Colter Wilson +82
3.   Cason Wilson +70
4.   Francois Chan +65
5.   Euan Hughes +59
6.   Steve Hughes +46
7.   Wesley Vaughan +16
8.   Catheryne Martin +13
9.   John Lukezich +13
10.   Noah Wagner +12
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Top Active Players
1.   Frank Dixon 1898
2.   Jay Serdula 1811
3.   Blake Tanner 1776
4.   Dave Gordon 1719
5.   John Madsen 1701
6.   Sid Anjilvel 1616
7.   Robert Petty 1579
8.   Harry Jordan 1512
9.   Steve Hughes 1438
10.   Steven Bellisario 1399
11.   Lorenz Paulsen 1395
12.   John Lukezich 1349
13.   Huxley Anjilvel 1260
14.   Francois Chan 1202
15.   Ian Birch 1146
16.   Mason Pyper 1115
17.   Roman Polywkan 1049
18.   D Graham-Ancsin 1009
19.   Anna Boevers 972
20.   Kaylee Gandhi 956
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