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Game History for C Dyer
Player ID: 11870-Y, Ellenboro Tigers Chess Club, Ellenboro, NC, USA
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Player's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    84743     DRAWN 850/P     850/P   WHITE J.Pittman 11872-W 800/P 01/28/09 none    
    85195     LOST 850/P     831/P   WHITE A.Conner 11864-K 850/P 02/05/09 none    
    85205     LOST 831/P     810/P   BLACK C.Smith 11871-W 782/P 02/05/09 none    
    85925     DRAWN 810/P     806/P   WHITE W.Philbeck 11866-J 667/P 02/12/09 none    
    86027     LOST 806/P     786/P   WHITE S.Oaks 11874-D 792/P 02/20/09 none    
    86034     LOST 786/P     768/P   BLACK S.Oaks 11874-D 819/P 02/20/09 none    
    86342     LOST 768/P     749/P   WHITE A.Hollifield 11877-F 756/P 02/26/09 none    
    86350     LOST 749/P     702/P   BLACK A.W. 6963-M 902 03/05/09 none    
    87915     WON 702/P     734/P   WHITE S.Oaks 11874-D 841/P 03/19/09 none    
    87918     LOST 734/P     718/P   BLACK S.Oaks 11874-D 798/P 03/19/09 none    
    87923     WON 718/P     742/P   WHITE S.Toney 11873-F 663/P 03/19/09 none    
    88007     DRAWN 742/P     746/P   BLACK B.Galloway 11867-D 796/P 03/26/09 none    
    88054     LOST 746/P     724/P   BLACK E.E. 7602-D 1025 04/02/09 none    
    88060     DRAWN 724/P     728/P   WHITE A.Hollifield 11877-F 782/P 04/02/09 none    
    88064     LOST 728/P     707/P   BLACK C.Wiley 11875-Y 688/P 04/02/09 none    
    88396     LOST 707/P     693/P   BLACK J.Pittman 11872-W 831/P 04/23/09 none    
    88768     DRAWN 693     695   WHITE A.Conner 11864-K 696 05/12/09 none    
    92753     DRAWN 695     699   WHITE A.Davis 12511-P 847/P 01/26/10 none    
(18 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
45 % 6.25 % 27.77 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: +0.4
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: -19.3
Average Rating Change Overall: -8.38
Doctor Kibbitz says:
C Dyer needs to shore up defense with the Black pieces. Be sure to review every move of your games -- especially your losses. Try to figure out where you went wrong and what might have been better. Very high percentage of draws might indicate fear to pursue aggressive play. C Dyer is in a slump, off 151 points from a peak rating of 850 achieved on 2009-01-28. C Dyer has not had a win in 7 games."
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player C Dyer as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player C Dyer as Black Player

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