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Game History for Jeff Yang
Player ID: 82724-P, Roaming Knights of North Carolina, Any place in this state, NC, USA
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Jeff's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    48572     LOST 600/P     579/P   BLACK M.Terrell 82721-B 600/P 11/06/05 g/35    
    49501     LOST 579/P     554/P   WHITE J.Karendys 82715-D 482/P 11/27/05 g/35    
    49513     LOST 554/P     525/P   BLACK J.Chen 3104-W 344/P 11/27/05 g/35    
    50341     LOST 525/P     369/P   BLACK E.Dehority 3110-K 136 01/08/06 g/35    
    51063     DRAWN 369/P     367/P   WHITE J.Lee 82738-P 272/P 01/15/06 g/35    
    51619     WON 367/P     386/P   BLACK T.Zhong 82751-K 200/P 01/22/06 g/35    
    52851     DRAWN 386/P     394/P   WHITE W.Sypniewski 3197-M 417 02/05/06 g/35    
    53054     LOST 394/P     357/P   BLACK K.Frank 3117-T 487 02/12/06 g/35    
    54878     LOST 357/P     324/P   BLACK N.Spencer 82739-F 495 03/15/06 g/35    
    54918     WON 324/P     345/P   WHITE A.Watkins 82748-H 191/P 03/19/06 g/35    
    55566     WON 345/P     486/P   BLACK C.Hererra 3172-E 624 04/02/06 g/35    
    58459     WON 486     498   WHITE S.Bose 6509-X 600/P 09/23/06 g/35   156 CYCC MMVI Fall  
    58519     LOST 498     486   BLACK K.Wang 3138-N 665 09/23/06 g/35   156 CYCC MMVI Fall  
    58539     LOST 486     482   BLACK J.Woo 6511-R 523/P 09/24/06 g/35   156 CYCC MMVI Fall  
    59057     WON 482     497   WHITE E.Dehority 3110-K 215 10/06/06 g/35   156 CYCC MMVI Fall  
    60749     WON 497     509   BLACK A.Zhang 6976-F 600/P 11/05/06 g/35   181 CYCC MMVI Fall  
    60752     LOST 509     505   BLACK S.Bose 6509-X 536/P 11/05/06 g/35   181 CYCC MMVI Fall  
    60764     LOST 505     480   WHITE A.Angara 6695-Q 363 11/05/06 g/35   181 CYCC MMVI Fall  
(18 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
57.14 % 27.27 % 38.88 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: +0.571
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: -11.2
Average Rating Change Overall: -6.66
Doctor Kibbitz says:
Jeff Yang needs to shore up defense with the Black pieces. Greater success with White implies the potential for improvement with Black. Concentrate on opening moves for defense. Be sure to review every move of your games -- especially your losses. Try to figure out where you went wrong and what might have been better. When playing Black, He should try to convert unfavorable positions into draws where possible. Jeff has faced opponents with an average rating of 430.5. He has improved by 156 points since 2006-03-15. However, Jeff Yang is also in a slump, off 99 points from a peak rating of 579 achieved on 2005-11-06. "
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Jeff Yang as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player Jeff Yang as Black Player

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