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Game History for K Pool
Player ID: 8726-K, Simcoe County Chess Club, Simcoe County, ON, CAN
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Player's Rating
Before  &  After
Name of
    75683     LOST 370/P     351/P   WHITE J.Neate 8724-C 370/P 04/19/08 none   360  
    75686     LOST 351/P     318/P   WHITE H.Ewing 6205-H 198 04/19/08 none   360  
    75688     LOST 318/P     302/P   BLACK A.Humby 8725-X 401/P 04/19/08 none   360  
    84189     LOST 302/P     274/P   BLACK C.Zhang 7470-R 248 05/01/08 none   474  
    84191     DRAWN 274/P     274/P   WHITE L.Wills 11855-M 227/P 05/01/08 none   474  
    84192     LOST 274/P     249/P   BLACK P.Wilson 5075-J 365 05/01/08 none   474  
    84259     LOST 249/P     227/P   WHITE C.Zhang 7470-R 255 06/05/08 none   477  
    84261     DRAWN 227/P     228/P   WHITE L.Wills 11855-M 191/P 06/05/08 none   477  
    84262     LOST 228/P     208/P   BLACK P.Wilson 5075-J 446 06/05/08 none   477  
    84302     LOST 208     199   BLACK P.Wilson 5075-J 455 07/03/08 none   481  
    84303     LOST 199     183   BLACK L.Mclean 11856-F 268 07/03/08 none   481  
    84306     LOST 183     168   WHITE C.Zhang 7470-R 278 07/03/08 none   481  
    84771     LOST 168     161   WHITE D.Langridge 7083-P 461 09/11/08 none   486 Actually Played Sept.11, 2008  
    84774     DRAWN 161     166   WHITE J.Neate 8724-C 242 09/11/08 none   486 Actually Played Sept.11, 2008  
    84776     LOST 166     153   BLACK C.Zhang 7470-R 311 09/11/08 none   486 Actually Played Sept.11, 2008  
(15 games displayed)

A d d i t i o n a l     A n a l y s i s
SCORE% as White SCORE% as Black Overall SCORE%
18.75 % 0 % 10 %
Average Rating Change when playing as WHITE: -11.2
Average Rating Change when playing as BLACK: -18.1
Average Rating Change Overall: -14.4
Doctor Kibbitz says:
K Pool is noticeably weaker with the Black pieces. Rating is in a downward adjustment and will stabilize at some lower level. Every hour of study (especially with a coach) will make a real difference. Be sure to review every move of your games -- especially your losses. Try to figure out where you went wrong and what might have been better. When playing Black, She should try to convert unfavorable positions into draws where possible. High draw percentage suggests aversion to risk-taking. She should seek opponents closer in rating. K Pool is in a slump, off 198 points from a peak rating of 351 achieved on 2008-04-19. K Pool has not had a win in 15 games."
CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player K Pool as White Player CXR Chess Win-Loss-Draw Pie Chart for Player K Pool as Black Player

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