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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events
Event Name City State Start Date Type
Summer Fun Schol. Chess Tnmt. Little Rock AR 6/30/2018 Tnmt.
FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH QUADS   <<--- TODAY Liberty MO 4/27/2018 Quads
Woodall K-12 Schol. Chess Open Tahlequah OK 4/21/2018 Tnmt.
Jake Van Rooy Spring Open Kingston ON 4/9/2018 Tnmt.
2018 Water Valley Schol. K-12 Water Valley MS 4/7/2018 Tnmt.
The 2018 Walkout Invitatl Oklahoma City OK 4/5/2018 Tnmt.
Midwest Jr. Championship Gladstone MO 3/31/2018 Tnmt.
2018 SPRING OPEN Jonesboro AR 3/31/2018 Tnmt.
2018 Okla. State Schol. Chess Midwest City OK 3/24/2018 Tnmt.
THIS IS ONLY A TEST - Lake Chappala JA 3/14/2018 Tnmt.
Holland Hall K-12 Open Tulsa OK 3/10/2018 Tnmt.
2018 Southern Scholastic Hattiesburg MS 3/3/2018 Tnmt.
KCC Championship Kingston ON 3/1/2018 Tnmt.
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Hot List!!
1.   Sanchez Palmer +149
2.   Camden Graham +96
3.   Bodee Jimerson +85
4.   Liam Bond +81
5.   Payton Smith +80
6.   Andrew Li +75
7.   Justin Fulcher +74
8.   Jordan Jasper +65
9.   Noah Pedersen +64
10.   Preston Koloen +64
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Top Active Players
1.   Advait Patel 2531
2.   Charles Herbers 2090
3.   Jake VanRooy 1875
4.   Gary Newsom 1837
5.   Frank Dixon 1810
6.   Azroy Kandan 1807
7.   L Brown 1773
8.   Veronika Zilajeva 1738
9.   Ted Hsu 1644
10.   Dave Gordon 1642
11.   D Weaver 1614
12.   Arman Azroy 1600
13.   Alex Bohn 1595
14.   Krish Kumar 1594
15.   Sid Anjilvel 1531
16.   Zile Cao 1496
17.   Ryan Amburgy 1464
18.   John Lukezich 1444
19.   Steve Hughes 1428
20.   Raf Deleon 1419
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