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Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events
Event Name City State Start Date Type
Warm-up Quick Championship Barling AR 1/20/2017 Tnmt.
Tulsa University Sch. K-12 Tulsa OK 12/17/2016 Tnmt.
The 2016 Kansas City Grade Gladstone MO 12/3/2016 Tnmt.
Christmas Quads Van Buren AR 12/3/2016 Tnmt.
3rd Do or Do Not Norman OK 11/26/2016 Quads
The Challengers Nov. 19, 2016 Moore OK 11/19/2016 Tnmt.
Van Rooy-Graymason Swiss Kingston, On ON 11/14/2016 Tnmt.
17th Annual Okla. State Grade Tulsa OK 11/12/2016 Tnmt.
Arkansas Memorial Open Barling AR 11/5/2016 Tnmt.
1st OU Jr. Schol. Tnmt. Norman OK 11/5/2016 Tnmt.
Cherokee Nation K-12 Open Tahlequah OK 10/29/2016 Tnmt.
The 2016 Missouri Grade State Liberty MO 10/29/2016 Tnmt.
Carl Albert H.S. K-12 Open Midwest City OK 9/24/2016 Tnmt.
2016 Jim Cairns Memorial Kingston, On ON 9/19/2016 Tnmt.
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games Player Name Rating State
12 Tieghler Pollard 889 OK
11 Tony Cheng 1398 KS
11 Robert Lau 2067 HI
10 Liang Luo 1070 IL
10 Najee Starks 593 IL
10 Sam Schmakel 1921 IL
9 Wayne Kane 1747 HI
9 Azroy Kandan 1998 ON
9 Advait Patel 2484 OK
8 William Wei 738 ON
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Hot List!!
1.   Carter Marrero +73
2.   Louis Pratt +69
3.   Caden Morris +49
4.   Mark Towery +39
5.   Phillip Williams +24
6.   Skyler Towery +19
7.   Shawn Walden +11
8.   Ryan Duan +8
9.   Kendra Fee +8
10.   Steven Duan +4
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Top Active Players
1.   Joshua Alexander 2150
2.   Chris Niggel 2015
3.   Blake Tanner 1909
4.   Frank Dixon 1868
5.   Jake VanRooy 1809
6.   Chengyue She 1797
7.   Dave Gordon 1707
8.   Bill Wilwers 1681
9.   John Madsen 1658
10.   Yash Kumar 1652
11.   Wilson Gao 1609
12.   David Morgan 1605
13.   Sid Anjilvel 1603
14.   Krish Kumar 1567
15.   Joel Gargus 1565
16.   Steven Bellisario 1527
17.   Ryan Duan 1501
18.   Zile Cao 1476
19.   Steve Hughes 1468
20.   Lucas Alvarez 1426
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