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CXR (Chess Express Ratings) wishes to welcome all players and organizers. We are in the business of providing the most complete set of personal performance metrics possible, which can help to pinpoint each player's weak spots, enabling his or her coach to create an individualized training regimen, leading ultimately, to improved play.  CXR service is available through affiliated chess clubs and tournament organizations.  Besides being a powerful training tool, CXR makes life easier for the tournament director. Read about the many advantages CXR provides by following the links on the left margin of this page, listed under "Benefits".

Chess Express Ratings has set out to provide today's chess player with more than just a rating.   CXR provides many useful statistics so you can know whether you play better in quick games or long ones; how you perform playing the black pieces; how you do with the white pieces; how quickly you are improving.    We make it easy to track the progress and achievements of every player over time.   Try CXR for your club or for your next tournament, and see the difference for yourself.  Contact CXR today!

Recent and Upcoming Tournaments, Classes, or other Events
Event Name City State Start Date Type
2015 Harry Jordan Spring Robin Kingston ON 4/27/2015 Tnmt.
P.S. 9 Champ. XI New York NY 4/26/2015 Tnmt.
Manhattan Day Sch. Champ. IX New York NY 4/20/2015 Tnmt.
Hawaii Festival Honolulu HI 4/15/2015 Tnmt.
WVSCL Janus Tnmt. Cyberginia VA 4/14/2015 Tnmt.
The Challengers Astec March Oklahoma City OK 3/21/2015 Tnmt.
19th Annual OK Schol. Chess Tulsa OK 3/7/2015 Tnmt.
CAHS Intramural Tnmt. Midwest City OK 2/21/2015 Tnmt.
Afternoon No.2:   Oklahoma City OK 2/21/2015 Tnmt.
Sequoyah K-12 Schol. Open Tahlequah OK 2/14/2015 Tnmt.
The Challengers Club Moore OK 1/31/2015 Tnmt.
Ida Freeman Winter Open Edmond OK 1/17/2015 Tnmt.
2015 Kingston Club Kingston ON 1/5/2015 Tnmt.
2014 President's Challenge Kingston ON 1/1/2015 Special
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games Player Name Rating State
13 Joshua Alexander 1362 OK
12 Tieghler Pollard 889 OK
11 Tony Cheng 1398 KS
11 Robert Lau 2067 HI
10 Sam Schmakel 1921 IL
10 Liang Luo 1070 IL
10 Najee Starks 593 IL
9 Wayne Kane 1747 HI
9 Azroy Kandan 1998 ON
8 William Wei 738 ON
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CXR - Made in the USA.
Hot List!!
1.   Abigail Stepp +139
2.   Neil Doknjas +134
3.   An Tran +134
4.   Ethan Burdette +123
5.   Liam Riley +115
6.   Zachary Galsky +112
7.   Jeeya Patel +109
8.   C Mcvickers +107
9.   Scott Kira +105
10.   Josip Asik +99
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Top Active Players
1.   Timur Gareev 2768
2.   N Huschenbeth 2609
3.   GM A Shabalov 2567
4.   A Ramirez 2562
5.   Samy Shoker 2535
6.   N Andrianov 2475
7.   Ryosuke Nanjo 2437
8.   R Aghasaryan 2381
9.   Shinya Kojima 2320
10.   Advait Patel 2317
11.   C Rubsamen 2294
12.   Yogesh Gautam 2266
13.   Anthony Saidy 2263
14.   S Chevannes 2239
15.   Oliver Chernin 2152
16.   Ryu Matsuda 2151
17.   L Wolfley 2142
18.   Paul Iinuma 2110
19.   John Doknjas 2105
20.   A Blessing 2035
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